How To Go Zero Waste With Zero Cash Today


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Today, I will be sharing with you all how to go zero waste with zero cash! I will be making this very easy for you all. I know at first going zero waste can be very difficult but what matters is that you are TRYING. Try as best as you can to follow these tips to reduce your waste and you will make a huge difference!

Step 1 is to REFUSE 

I know many of us out there have wants and often we buy things we don't really need. I'm here to tell you that you are not the only one! I at times bought things that I know will last awhile with quality but I try my best to hold back if I don't need it or know that it won't last. What you need to do is refuse things you DO NOT NEED. Refuse junky mail listings in your email inbox so you do not decide to splurge shop. Refuse free pens or freebies you receive at college fairs or events etc, unless of course it is reusable. These next three things that I will tell you will impact the environment exponentially and that is to refuse to-go containers, single use materials, and single use shopping bags. Remember things like plastic bags and plastic cups are used temporarily but last forever so we need to try our bests to avoid those. Some tips I use is to keep my reusable bags in my trunk of the car for unplanned trips to the store and I often bring my own glass food containers to work and wherever they can serve me from my own container. 

Step 2 is to REDUCE

In order to see more change there need to be progress and most of the progress we will see is when we decide to reduce. We need to reduce things that we need or keep it at a minimum. For example, if you need to print out something for your english class you can print it double sided to save paper and to save even more paper by buying ebooks online for your classes or your personal enjoyment. Another way you can reduce is by carpooling and buying in bulk when you need something therefore less packaging.

Step 3 is to REUSE

You need to reuse what you do use. Several everyday items we use that can be reused is rags and towels, batteries, storage for drinks, and food storage. You can make rags and towels instead of buying paper towels or use your old towels as rags, give them a new purpose. Use rechargeable batteries and also save yourself money by doing so! Bring your drink storage such as your coffee travel mug and take it to your local coffee shop. Lastly, store your lunches and food in glass containers and reusable containers. Do NOT use plastic ziplocks, plastic food wrap. 

Step 4 is to RECYCLE

Use your recycling bins as much as you can. If you do not have any recycle bins search for your local drop off stations where you can recycle your waste.

Step 5 is to ROT

If you want to know where your waste is going you should make a compost which is rotting your waste. You can add to your compose kitchen items or smaller items like food. Use a worm box or personal composter in your home or back yard to turn your kitchen waste into free soil! This is great for those who love to garden or have their own plants. 

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