Zero Waste Halloween Tips


  • Using quality and durable decorations can help you use Halloween decorations each and every year.

  • You can try making your own Halloween decorations and crafts from recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard boxes, cotton, and even fall leaves or outdoor materials such as branches.

  • Using LED decorations are energy efficient to keep in mind for the holidays and they can also prevent fires.


  • The most eco friendly costumes you can find is the ones that you hand make. Check your local thrift store for costumes or look around your home to see what materials you can find such as old sheets, or dresses!

  • Borrowing costumes from your friends or having your child swap costumes with friends will also avoid your purchasing a costume you will only wear ONCE and will most likely change next year. 

  • Make your very own blood and face paint : Mix pieces of cornstarch and glycerin and a couple of drops of food coloring. To make blood blend light corn syrup with  high temp water and fluid dish cleanser, red and blue food coloring and a little milk but be very caution because this mix stains very easily.


  • Compost your pumpkin 

  • Try growing your pumpkin on your own!

  • Make your unused pumpkins into pumpkin pie, or pancakes to prevent from throwing away.


  • Recycle candy wrappers or find out where you can locally

  • Pick out candy that has eco friendly packing or less packaging

  • Hand out candy that is organic or natural such as organic gummy bears


Trick R' Treating

  • Avoid using plastic bags or plastic to trick or treat. Use a reusable bag or even a pillow case to store your treats! 

  • Make sure you trick or treat close to home so you won't have to use your car! It will save money and gas.

  • Have your children save the candy for when you get home to avoid littering candy wrappers around town or just take a bag to recycle the opened candy wrappers.

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