About Us



 Welcome Nature Junky's!

Karina was raised in Southern Florida where she spent most of her younger years playing outdoors or by the water. Karina enjoys spending time in nature, at the beach, reading or learning about plant species and realized that the best way to live life is natural and sustainable. The beauty of nature motivates her and makes her want to make a difference.

Karina likes to shop plastic free and is still learning about living a waste free lifestyle. Not only has she loved to help others join her but she has desire to help the planet and its animals. Karina plans to join organizations that better the environment such as the Miami Water Keeper Organization to continue to keep South Florida's water and wildlife protected.

She understands for many people that living waste free is very hard for some people and she would love to help! Karina created this eco-friendly store Planet Junky to help the planet become more sustainable as she has always loved nature and its animals. She sees so much potential for others to take steps to reduce their plastic waste and encourages others to make simple changes in their daily life too! We as thinking consumers can make a big difference by being careful with what we buy and thinking about where exactly your trash goes after and this is why she created Planet Junky.

Planet Junky will have many products from pets to your hair and all the products are eco-friendly, sustainable, natural, and better for the planet! We're here to help.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email us at PlanetJunky@gmail.com